For Families
Our group focuses on multigenerational planning with attention to the delicate issues that arise in families of wealth and families in business.
For Advisors
AFBG helps advisors decide how far they want to take their individual work beyond their profession’s typical scope of practice.
Our Thoughts
Gain helpful tips and answers to questions from our Current Thinking column posts by the leaders in family business consulting.


Our family business consultants work with the intersection of family relationships, business, financial and philanthropic enterprises, and personal development. As a result, we work with smaller families in the first and second generations, as well as, larger families who have been successful for multiple generations. We do not specialize in any one particular industry, or size of enterprise, because we find the issues, problems and concerns of our clients span a wide range of family business situations.

Governance is built to reflect each stakeholder’s place in a way that meshes with the reality and vision and values of your family business.
Our consultants bring strategic succession and continuity planning to your business. Instead of being reactive, we help you shift to a proactive mode.
Family Wealth
Wealth consulting includes community work and your family’s capacity to enjoy favorite activities; thus, sustaining your family business culture.
Next Generation
Your business is strengthened in direct measure to the quality of preparation of the rising generations for their roles.

The goal of our family business services
is to help families develop…

Positive and supportive relationships
Effective and profitable businesses and enterprises
Clarity of roles and relationships in management and governance
Individual development of responsibility, competence and fulfillment
Strategies to preserve the family wealth

Arizona, Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania


Israel, Turkey

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