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family business

Through our ability to foster a shared vision and build trust in the family, we guide our clients through a process of addressing challenges and building sustainability. We combine a professional approach to family business services. We focus on multigenerational planning with attention to the delicate issues that arise in families of wealth and families in business.

We provide safe environments and tools for families to assure effectiveness in succession planning and other transitions.

family business governance

Governance is built to reflect each stakeholder’s place in a way that meshes with the reality and vision and values of your family business.

family business succession

We bring strategic succession and continuity planning to your business. Instead of being reactive, we help you shift to a proactive mode.

family wealth
Family Wealth

Wealth consulting includes community work and your family’s capacity to enjoy favorite activities. These sustain your family business culture.

family business leadership

Past authority and communication shaped your business leadership. Reorientation to meet current and future needs builds business strength.

family meetings
Family Meetings

Special meetings are pivotal in the history of the family. We use ceremony to involve family in positive aspects of life and to foster dialogue.

next generation preparation for family businesses
Next Generation

Every successful family business shifts from founding to next generations. This brings deepening appreciation of self and others within the business.

Collectively, our three partners have more than a century of experience working with hundreds of large and small families all over the world who are facing difficult transitions and overcoming crises.

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