The premier industry thought leadership and consulting resource for families in business and of wealth.

The Aspen Family Business Group, LLC, an international consulting resource, helps families successfully navigate change to achieve harmony and prosperity.

The Aspen Family Business Group was founded in 1987 to develop and disseminate knowledge about families in business together. This foundation of collectively creating expertise led the Aspen Group to be known as the thought leader in the emerging field of family business consulting. We have served not only as consultants to families, but also as mentors to advisors in the field to assure that families receive the best possible advice from all disciplines. Our work has been recognized with many honors and awards by the Family Firm Institute.

We have worked with clients and professionals in many corners of the globe including Israel, Turkey, Nepal, Great Britain, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Guam, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Australia and Canada.

Our goal is to continue not only to provide top flight consulting for families, but also to push the frontier of thought in this emerging field. We invite you to learn more about us individually and collectively, in the following pages.

How We Work

We Look at the Whole Situation

We begin by assessing the whole family, looking at the big picture of what they want in the future, and what elements have to be in place to achieve success. We can assess the traits, abilities and competencies of family members to ensure best fit between their capabilities and the needs of the business. Individual development or coaching parallels family development. For optimum success, one without the other is incomplete.

Work for the Long Haul

We make a long-term commitment to help families implement their solutions. We want to put in place lasting solutions that change the quality of the family’s connections, and the success of its various business and financial ventures.

We Work with the Team of Advisors

We are generalists. Every family has advisors who have an important role. We work as part of a team with your other advisors to design a solution that works for the family. We do not offer legal advice, but work with your advisors to find the best path for your family.

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