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Leslie Dashew has specialized in working with families in business for over 30 years.

She brings her prior experience in family therapy and organizational development to her practice. Her focus is assisting families gain clarity about their vision for the future and develop comprehensive, integrated plans to achieve those goals. She helps clients gain harmony in the family and prosperity in their businesses.

Leslie provides objective, expert perspectives to her clients so that they gain understanding of their situations and the ability to make needed changes. She carefully assesses each situation to develop specialized solutions in collaboration with her clients so that their work has the highest probability of sustained success.

She is skilled at working with people in very complex situations to work through conflict, confusion, disorganization and dysfunction. Leslie’s mission is to help her clients utilize, develop, and appreciate their capabilities and those of the people whose lives they touch.

As a pioneer in the field of family business consulting, Leslie is a founder of the Aspen Family Business Group and the author of four books in the field. She has worked with her colleagues to develop leading-edge tools and knowledge that help families in businesses all over the world. She serves as a mentor to other professionals and speaks to professional and business organizations around the globe. Her contributions to the field have been recognized by the Family Firm Institute with their highest accolade, the Richard Beckhard Award.

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Among the types of projects that Leslie undertakes:

  • Helping an entrepreneur engage his family in thinking about becoming a true family business that will continue into the next generation
  • Working with a sibling team that is in conflict to address their issues and develop a new compelling vision and commitment for the future
  • Sharing the best practices of families in business with a client that wants to be sure that she is doing everything she can to assure success in the 4th generation of her family business
  • Engaging a 3rd generation family in the process of professionalizing the leadership team and developing an effective board of directors
  • Working with a couple to more successfully collaborate in sharing their values as well as their wealth with their children
  • Advising a 6th generation family on how to develop a family council that will foster collaboration among cousins who have become dispersed, but who share assets and must oversee them together
  • Helping two partners who do not wish to continue working together to plan their exit in a way that is constructive and helps each to achieve individual goals
  • Helping parents determine who should be the successor in their family business while taking care of the offspring who will not have that position.

Leslie is engaged in hobbies such as cactus gardening, collecting folk art, traveling, photography, sailing and kayaking. In addition, she has served her community on boards such as the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, the Scottsdale Cultural Council and the Pitzer College Board of Trustees. Leslie is married to Jack Salisbury and they have two adult children, Baleigh and Brett. She graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in organizational psychology and the University of Michigan with a master’s degree in psychiatric social work.

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