What is a family business consultant?

What is a Family Business Consultant?

The definition of family business consultant is a professional who works within the intersection of family relationships, business, financial and philanthropic enterprises, and personal development.

Our goal is to help families develop:

  • Positive and supportive relationships
  • Effective and profitable businesses and enterprises
  • Clarity of roles and relationships in management and governance
  • Individual development of responsibility, competence and fulfillment
  • Strategies to preserve the family wealth

Collectively, our three partners have more than a century of experience with hundreds of large and small families all over the world who are facing difficult transitions and overcoming crises. In addition, we have four associates who bring experience in family business services from a variety of backgrounds and locales, including the U.S., Turkey and Israel.

We do not specialize in any one particular industry or size of enterprise. We work with smaller families in the first and second generations as well as larger families who have been successful for multiple generations. We find the issues, problems and concerns span a wide range of family business situations.

Our clients are not only families with operating businesses, but also include families with a portfolio of assets and who have family offices or foundations. Our emphases in these cases are issues concerning inter-generational management of wealth and effective relationships within their family. We strive to ensure the wealth creates joy not grief. An important part of our work is developing the next generation in a family by addressing ownership as well as management succession. We strongly advocate personal responsibility and developing a strong sense of stewardship.

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